Introductory Post Part 2: Current Skincare Routine and More Mini Reviews

“Current Routine Part 2: the Consortium of Hydrating Layers” has arrived! You can read about Part 1 of my routine–cleansers, actives, and toner–right here. This part will cover my essence, ampoule, moisturizers, and sunscreen. I’ll also introduce some of the goodies lined up in my testing schedule!

And thus begins the Hydration Party. Continue reading


Introductory Post Part 1: Current Skincare Routine and Mini Reviews!

Hello! This is Miranda, the blogger who is currently hoping that #facewasted will catch on because damn if it isn’t fun to say. While I wait for my slang to revolutionize the world overnight, I could probably introduce myself.

I’m halfway through college and trying–failing–to learn to window shop. My skin is pale, has been forever, and findation puts me at a MAC shade of NW10. My hormonal cystic acne led me on my quest for the One Product To Rule Them All. A friend of mine shared her crazy AB knowledgebank and I learned that I might actually need more than one product. Maybe closer to fifteen or so. And here I am!

When I was first starting out in Asian beauty, my skin was pretty oily. Like, makeup-gone-by-midday oily. It’s closer to normal now and I’m thanking the skin gods for this blessing. Besides keeping my hydration levels up, my routine right now is focused on brightening and acne prevention. I get post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) like a motherfucker, but it looks like active acne, so I hopped right on all the trains that promised to fade my spots.

Because I am fairly new to AB, my lineup started out with a lot of basics: favorites over on the AB subreddit, holy grails from well-known bloggers, and the like. My first steps were all about starting to actually care for my skin instead of just throwing expensive LUSH products at it and hoping a $30 pricetag meant they would work. (It didn’t, especially not when my hormonal acne kicked in about a year ago.)

So without further ado, here’s the first half of my current routine! Continue reading