Hello! I’m Miranda, the fledgling blogger behind facewasted. I’m in the middle of college and was unlucky enough to stumble upon Asian beauty products through a friend’s recommendation. Hundreds of dollars later, the idea for a blog to keep track of it all came to me. It seemed like a good way to externalize my thoughts about the products and the process as my skin changed for better or worse. Making excuses for a dud product is a lot harder when you’ve got it all down in words.

My skin is oily-normal, with a weakening lean toward oily (yay!). I’m virtually always breaking out and if I’m not I still look like I am because of my scarring (not yay!). I aim to brighten and fade my scars, along with preventing and treating my biweekly hormonal breakouts. I’m also very pale, coming in at a MAC NW10. There probably won’t be a ton of cushion reviews here, sorry. I’ll likely DIY them with western foundations (but only foundations–mixing your shit in a compact screws up preservatives and delicate formulations!)

Goals for the blog are to mainly help me keep track of everything I’ve been trying, and hopefully help someone out with some reviews! Because I’m a broke college student I can’t promise frequent reviews but maybe someday the blog will be able to sustain itself. And if it doesn’t, I’ll still be here trying to make sense of my skin 🙂

Feel free to leave comments if you have any questions about my products or suggestions of things I should look into! I’ll have a dedicated email account set up soon.

Thanks for reading!